SEM portable toilet with hand-wash sink and flushing system

The inside of the toilet cabin with hand-wash sink and flushing system is built for user comfort. It is spacious and well aired, in order to reduce smells due to simple, yet effective features. A combination of integrated air vents in both the flooring and the sides provides permanent air circulation. The urinal runs drains down the ventilation pipe, thereby preventing unwanted smells from getting back into the cabin. The toilet seat is positioned at the furthest point from the urinal, away from direct sight and also to protect from unwanted smells. In total these features add together to a more comfortable and pleasant experience for the user.


  • Large 230 l tank
  • Integrated air vents
  • Unbreakable corner construction
  • Unbreakable urinal
  • Unbreakable hand-wash sink and tank
  • Foot pump flushing or lever flushing
Height: 2235 mm
Width: 1118 mm
Depth: 1219 mm
Weight: 76 kg
Standard tank volume: 265 l
Floor space: 1041 mm x 533 mm
Seat height: 457 mm
Door opening: 1981 mm x 660 mm
different rinses possible
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